Industrial Rope access, LLC is a company that specializes in providing rope access inspections for hard-to-reach areas of buildings. Our services can save you both time and money, as we do not need to rely on scaffolding or lifts, including buildings over 300 feet tall (in accordance with OSHA 1910) in order to do the inspection. This drastically reduces the amount of labor hours and allows us to inspect your assets quickly and safely. 

We are dedicated to finding any problems that may exist and strive to make sure your building is compliant. If you would like more information about our services, please contact Industrial Rope Access, LLC. Our services include Window Cleaning, Construction Cleaning, Pressure Washing/Chemical Cleaning, Glass Restoration, Façade Maintenance, Façade Inspection, Bird Barrier Systems, Banner and Flag installation and Atrium Cleaning and Painting.

On the repair and restoration side we specialize in Caulking, Tuckpoint Repair, Hazard Mitigation, Painting and Coatings, Exterior Façade Repairs, Historical Painting, Window Film Installation alongside Signage Removal. We also waterproof and can preform leak tests. See below a breakdown of our services.

Industrial Rope Access Cleaning

Cleaning and Maintenance

Ensuring optimal performance of industrial and commercial structures necessitates regular cleaning. Industrial Rope Access, LLC is adept at reaching difficult-to-access areas and completing comprehensive cleaning services.

We have experience cleaning industrial plants, conference halls and  stadiums as part of a regular maintenance program, as well as during and after construction and renovation. In addition to cleaning, we can also install, move, and fix equipment, providing comprehensive solutions to minimize disruption to facilities during the resumption of activities or special events.


Commercial Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Industrial Rope Access, LLC Facade Inspection

Facade Inspection

Rope access is a beneficial technique for examining facades, which is more advantageous than using pipe scaffold or suspended platforms. It necessitates minimal setup, does not require heavy machinery, and can often be implemented in a shorter time frame and at a more affordable cost.

Furthermore, it is a time-efficient method of inspection, as it is quicker to deploy than a suspended platform but covers a similar façade region. Qualified IRA technicians will assess which roof components are appropriate for securing the ropes.

Commercial Building Facade Inspection Services

Industrial Rope Access, LLC Repairs


When compared to traditional methods, rope access is a more economical means of carrying out minor fixes and upkeep of structures. Unlike swing stage scaffolding, rope access does not cause much disturbance or disruption to the building’s structure.

It is also a great way to comply with local legislation while at the same time allowing for a thorough assessment of the building which assists with an accurate repair budget. This results in a lesser cost for both short-term and long-term repairs. Industrial Rope Access, LLC is an authorized company to conduct urgent repairs.


Commercial Building Repair Services



We  offer solutions for protecting personnel, equipment, and public resources. Fall protection netting, debris catchment netting and bird exclusion netting systems ensure that these valuable assets remain safe from potential hazards. Our aim is to be environmentally responsible and cost-effective, whilst delivering assured results.

Our expert team is equipped to design, engineer and install work platform netting. We can assist you with the development and execution of installations for both temporary and permanent netting solutions to meet your specific needs for access, safety, environmental management, and asset protection.


Netting Capabilities

Industrial Rope Access, LLC Painting and Coating

Painting and Coating

Painting or coating your property is essential for making it look like new, but it can be a complex task for high-rise buildings. Our rope access technicians can help you paint and seal your high-rise buildings and structures quickly, effectively, and safely. Our experience with this type of work means we’re the best choice for both residential and commercial properties alike.

Our service is affordable compared to traditional scaffolding or mobile elevating work platforms. If you are looking for an alternative method of painting, sealing or waterproofing your property without the stress, mess and hassle associated with traditional methods, then contact us today for more information about our services!

Painting and Coating Services


high-access insulation

Rope access is a technique that allows us to perform our insulation services at height, without the need for expensive scaffolding or cranes. Our team of qualified insulators deliver insulation projects both onshore and offshore, using a range of different materials to suit your specific needs.

Our efficient and robust insulation solutions will contribute to higher energy utilization, improved integrity, and efficiencies of process plants in operation. We also contribute to reduce CUI exposure.

High-Access Insulation Services

Flags & Signage

When you need banners, flags, or even lights mounted or replaced, our crew of high rise specialists will hang items to your specifications. 

Any area that is normally hard to reach for your average company is accessible for Industrial Rope Access, LLC. We have been installing banners and flags for customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for decades.

Contact us today to see if Industrial Rope Access, LLC is right for your project and how we can help you!


high access



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