We have been providing window cleaning services in Maryland, Virginia, Metropolitan Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We will personalize a safety and operation plan specific to your building requirements and tenant needs. 

Safety, cleanliness of your building and curb appeal are priorities for IRA and its customers. No one does it better, no one does it safer. Using state-of-the-art techniques, materials, and equipment, we provide cost effective, OSHA and ANSI compliant services to over 50 million square feet of commercial office space.

Our professional technicians are specially trained in cleaning atriums, high glass, skylights, stained and decorative glass, canopy, and curtain wall glass on both high and low-rise buildings.

Industrial Rope Access, LLC High Pressure WashingHIGH PRESSURE WASHING 

Not all pressure washing and/or chemical cleaning are the same. Our team will assess your needs and design a safety and operational plan that is tailored to your building or structure. Our technicians have the capability to choose the appropriate machine, water temperature, and detergent for any pressure washing job.

They can identify any cleaning issues, adjust the power of our washers to the cleaning needs, and select an appropriate, environment-friendly detergent to get the job done safely and effectively. We provide pressure washing services for building exteriors, garages, loading docks, retaining and privacy walls, and signage. Our services can also remove graffiti, rust, algae, and mold.


IRA has been providing top-notch services in the Mid-Atlantic area and is distinguished in the industry for its cost-efficient building maintenance services like window cleaning, pressure washing, glass restoration, garage sweeping/surface coating, and caulking. Furthermore, our post-construction services come in handy after a newly built or renovated edifice to get rid of all the dust and dirt to bring out the building's charm and overall attractiveness.

We make sure that safety, tidiness of the building, and curb appeal are our customers' main concerns. Our high-rise professionals put their skills to use with cutting-edge techniques, material, and equipment and give OSHA and ANSI compliant services at an economical price.


Painting your property is essential for making it look like new, but it can be a messy task. Our industrial rope access technicians can help you paint and seal your high-rise buildings and structures quickly, effectively, and safely. Our experience with this type of work means we’re the best choice for both residential and commercial properties alike.

Our service is affordable compared to traditional scaffolding or mobile elevating work platforms. If you are looking for an alternative method of painting, sealing or waterproofing your property without the stress, mess and hassle associated with traditional methods, then contact us today for more information about our services!


At Industrial Rope Access, LLC, we are proud to offer solutions for protecting personnel, equipment, and public resources. Fall protection netting, debris catchment netting and bird exclusion netting systems ensure that these valuable assets remain safe from potential hazards.

We are highly experienced in providing protection for birds and spiders. We will assess the requirements of a client before offering the optimal solution. Our aim is to be environmentally responsible and cost-effective, while delivering assured results. Moreover, our expert team is equipped to design, engineer and install work platform netting in order to provide safe access to hard-to-reach places.


Industrial Rope Access is a beneficial technique for examining facades, which is more advantageous than using pipe scaffold or suspended platforms. It necessitates minimal setup, does not require heavy machinery, and can often be implemented in a shorter time frame and at a more affordable cost.

Using Industrial Rope Access, LLC to inspect building facades is a time-efficient method of inspection as it is quicker to deploy than a suspended platform, however it covers a similar facade region. Qualified IRA technicians will assess which roof components are appropriate for securing the ropes, and be able to inspect the facade of most buildings and structures.


Architects and developers who desire to construct visually-striking edifices often seek out uncommon and environmentally-friendly materials. However, to really create a structure that stands out in its surroundings, a unique design, modern materials, and proper utilization of space are necessary components, thus leading to the construction of increasingly taller buildings. Although these buildings may possess a gorgeous design, modern engineered constructions can be hard to access due to the aforementioned reasons. Like any other building, the materials will eventually break down, making maintenance more inconsistent since access solutions have not been taken into account.

That's why, with regards to skyscrapers and other tall structures, Industrial Rope Access is the most effective means to guarantee these captivating exteriors are appropriately maintained, surveyed, inspected, cleaned, repaired, and safeguarded.


Working in cramped and hard to access spaces can be a challenging task, and the use of cranes or other heavy lifting equipment is often not feasible.

IRA is highly experienced in the area of Rope Access and rigging & lifting, and these methods can be used to move and place heavy loads in an affordable and efficient manner.

This approach is ideal for the installation of large components. When there is no available infrastructure, Industrial Rope Access, LLC can set up, examine, and certify the necessary anchor points required for most structures to safely inspect, clean, or construct. We always make sure to leave any space in a better condition than before we arrived, upon completion of any job or project.


Any activity conducted at extreme heights must adhere to rigorous SPRAT standards and regulations. Any task that requires working at a high angle must be carefully planned and controlled in preparation for an unexpected event.

It is necessary to preplan for the safety of workers who may slip or become incapacitated. In the event of an accident, the injured individual might be trapped in a location that is difficult to access. It can take hours of work before medical personnel can come and rescue them. However, our specialists who have received SPRAT training can perform self rescue and lower the person to safety in a matter of minutes. Since these scenarios are immensely hazardous and require urgent attention, the crew must be ready with a prompt and efficient emergency and rescue plan. IRA’s Safety Standby Services are designed to meet the individual requirements of various high angle operations, such as: performing activities while working in Restraint.


The unfortunate truth is that hard water stains make your windows look dirty. This is because when a surface gets wet, the water evaporates and leaves behind mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium.  Add in precast runoff leeching onto glass, rust from architectural metal, water from your irrigation system, and other environmental elements and the results are dull, gray windows. 

Our skilled technicians will start by providing you with a free glass restoration sample. We will then create an economical solution, safety and operational plan specific to your building needs for your review. For more information, contact us today.

IRA Cleaning Windows

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