Industrial Rope Access, LLC, has a long history in the industry, providing help to clients worldwide with complex access installation safety projects. 


Cleaning & Maintenance

Industrial Rope Access, LLC has the experience and knowledge to provide safe, successful, and creative solutions to the most difficult high access tasks in the entertainment and amusement sector, regardless of whether it is a singular rock concert or a long-term tourist attraction.

Our services include installations and construction, inspections, cleaning, maintenance, safety equipment and rescue standby.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services



We  offer solutions for protecting personnel, equipment, and public resources. Fall protection netting, debris catchment netting and bird exclusion netting systems ensure that these valuable assets remain safe from potential hazards. Our aim is to be environmentally responsible and cost-effective, whilst delivering assured results.

Our expert team is equipped to design, engineer and install work platform netting. We can assist you with the development and execution of installations for both temporary and permanent netting solutions to meet your specific needs for access, safety, environmental management, and asset protection.


Netting Capabilities


Safety and Rescue Standby

Any activity conducted at extreme heights must adhere to rigorous SPRAT standards and regulations. Any task that requires working at a high angle must be carefully planned and controlled in preparation for an unexpected event.

It can take hours of work before medical personnel can come and rescue them. . It is necessary to preplan for the safety of workers who may slip or become incapacitated. In the event of an accident, the injured individual might be trapped in a location that is difficult to access.

However, our specialists who have received SPRAT training can perform self rescue and lower the person to safety in a matter of minutes. Since these scenarios are immensely hazardous and require urgent attention, the crew must be ready with a prompt and efficient emergency and rescue plan. IRA’s Safety Standby Services are designed to meet the individual requirements of various high angle operations, such as: performing activities while working in Restraint.

Safety and Rescue Standby Services


Painting and Coating

When it comes to managing corrosion on amusement and theme park rides and attractions, painting and coating is the foremost method of repair and prevention. This requires a meticulous application in order to guarantee a high level of protection as well as a pleasing aesthetic. Additionally, the finish should provide easy cleaning and maintenance, while fulfilling health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Our service is affordable compared to traditional scaffolding or mobile elevating work platforms. Contact us today for more information about our services for the entertainment and amusement industry.

Painting and Coating Services

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