At Industrial Rope Access, LLC, our rope access technicians are skilled in several specialized access techniques for new and historical structures, such as thermal imaging diagnostics, building/plant construction, structural steel installation, close visual inspections, painting, caulking, and window treatments.

We understand that when it comes to iconic structures, nothing is more important than safety. That’s why we specialize in rope access and make sure that all of our customers receive the highest quality of service. We use the best safety equipment, adhere to all the relevant regulations, and always strive to exceed customer expectations.

Our knowledge allows you to realize aesthetic visions while meeting operational goals. With over 30 years of professional experience, we have a long history of innovation coupled with a multitude of solutions. We add value to our projects by listening carefully to our clients in order to ensure that we align with their objectives and structural requirements.


Cleaning and Maintenance

The technicians at Industrial Rope Access, LLC are fully equipped in assessing, preserving, cleaning and maintaining structures that are situated at a high altitude. We make use of a variety of means to reach the surfaces of structures quickly, conveniently, and at a low cost.

Utilizing rope access techniques, employees can place themselves in close proximity to any surface without the requirement for additional permits or the need for complicated logistics for aerial equipment and cleaning and maintenance projects.

Cleaning and Maintenance Services



We  offer solutions for protecting personnel, equipment, and public resources. Fall protection netting, debris catchment netting and bird exclusion netting systems ensure that these valuable assets remain safe from potential hazards. We can assist you with the development and execution of installations for both temporary and permanent netting solutions to meet your specific needs for access, safety, environmental management, and asset protection.

Our aim is to be environmentally responsible and cost-effective, whilst delivering assured results. Since our founding, we have been offering netting services across the Mid-Atlantic region.

Netting Capabilities


Facade Inspection

Rope access is a beneficial technique for examining facades, which is more advantageous than using pipe scaffold or suspended platforms. It necessitates minimal setup, does not require heavy machinery, and can often be implemented in a shorter time frame and at a more affordable cost.

Furthermore, it is a time-efficient method of inspection, as it is quicker to deploy than a suspended platform but covers a similar façade region. Qualified IRA engineers will assess which roof components are appropriate for securing the ropes.

Iconic Structure Facade Inspection Services

Facade Surveying

Architects and developers who desire to construct visually-striking edifices often seek out uncommon and environmentally-friendly materials. However, to really create a structure that stands out in its surroundings, a unique design, modern materials, and proper utilization of space are necessary components, thus leading to the construction of increasingly taller buildings. 

Although these buildings may possess a gorgeous design, historic and modern engineered structures can be hard to access due to the aforementioned reasons. 

Like any other building, the materials will eventually break down, making maintenance more inconsistent since access solutions have not been taken into account. That’s why, with regards to skyscrapers and other tall structures, rope access and abseiling are the most effective means to guarantee these captivating exteriors are appropriately maintained, surveyed, inspected, cleaned, repaired, and safeguarded.

Industrial Rope Access, LLC Painting and Coating

Painting and Coating

Maintaining a harmonious equilibrium between protecting the history and the essential modernizations needed to ensure its endurance is key in the protection and renovation of historical structures. We support conservation and follow SPRAT guidelines, utilizing the least intrusive approaches and techniques.

Our service is affordable compared to traditional scaffolding or mobile elevating work platforms. Contact us today for more information about our services for monuments and iconic structurs.

Painting and Coating Services

Industrial Rope access, LLC Rescue Standby

Safety and Rescue Standby

Any activity conducted at extreme heights must adhere to rigorous SPRAT standards and regulations. Any task that requires working at a high angle must be carefully planned and controlled in preparation for an unexpected event. 

It is necessary to preplan for the safety of workers who may slip or become incapacitated. In the event of an accident, the injured individual might be trapped in a location that is difficult to access. It can take hours of work before medical personnel can come and rescue them.

However, our specialists who have received SPRAT training can perform self rescue and lower the person to safety in a matter of minutes. Since these scenarios are immensely hazardous and require urgent attention, the crew must be ready with a prompt and efficient emergency and rescue plan. IRA’s Safety Standby Services are designed to meet the individual requirements of various high angle operations, such as: performing activities while working in Restraint.

Safety and Rescue Standby Services

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